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Fostering a culture of health and support has become more crucial than ever. A workplace culture that prioritizes employee well-being boosts morale and productivity. It cultivates a sense of belonging and loyalty among team members. In this blog, we explore the key components and benefits of cultivating a healthy and supportive workplace culture.

Bullies Understand Power. Do You?

Bullies Understand Power. Do You?

“Workplaces are communities. We must accept nothing less.” Keira Minter, founder Mission Equality In 2020, 35.6% of government employees reported being affected by bullying.  This was discovered from the People Matter Survey interviews of 400,000 NSW government...

When Bullies Don’t Rule the Roost

When Bullies Don’t Rule the Roost

A Response to the Prue Goward Report “We demand people stand up to bullying, misogyny and racism, but we don’t show them how.” Keira Minter, Founder, Mission Equality The modern workplace is complex. Less than a century ago, humans were kept divided by the fraudulent...

Regulating for Fairness

Regulating for Fairness

We humans are a fractious species. Sit at our family dinner tables and listen as we argue and put each other down. It’s no surprise then, our workplaces have become the same. Worse though, Australia has one of the highest rates of workplace coercion in the...