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e-learning design

Compliance solutions

Accredited learning materials

We specialise in developing learning materials that meet and exceed accreditation standards, ensuring your courses are compliant and effective.

Comprehensive assessment

We create robust assessment tools to evaluate learners' understanding, providing insightful feedback and measurable outcomes.

Multimedia delivery

Our courses leverage cutting-edge multimedia technology, including videos, interactive modules, and animations, to enhance the learning experience.

Custom design

Tailored to your needs, our learning materials are designed to fit specific educational goals, whether for academic institutions, corporate training, or professional development.


Multimedia education, compliant by design

Anytime, anywhere access to educational resources

Tailoring content to individual needs and interests

Engage learners with dynamic content

About Us

Learning Eye maintains a strong network of  leaders and pioneers in the field of education technology. This ensures that our courseware solutions remain current and at the edge of educational innovation, meeting the evolving needs of learners and educators alike.

We’re passionate about innovative education

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements is demonstrated by our continuous exploration and implementation of emerging tools and methodologies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionise education by leveraging the latest technology to develop cutting-edge courseware products. We strive to empower learners and educators with innovative and immersive learning experiences that inspire curiosity, foster critical thinking, and drive lifelong learning.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver leading-edge education products that transform the way knowledge is acquired and shared. By harnessing emerging technologies, we aim to create a future where education is accessible, engaging, and personalized for learners of all ages and backgrounds. We envision a world where technology and education converge to unlock the full potential of every learner, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital era.

Success stories

Suzanne Kennedy

Snr Program Manager Training Improvement

Keira worked with our volunteer SMEs to make critical updates to our nationally accredited courses to achieve RTO compliance.

Her tenacity despite some significant setbacks while working on this project is to be commended.

Her eye for detail and ability to work within complex competing priorities are great assets for this work, and her professionalism and dedication will be highly valued in future assignments.

Donna Dejkovski

Head of Learning Product

Keira brings a strong understanding of the requirements for vocational education and training and was quickly able to interpret and unpack the units of competency and develop a plan for a set of integrated assessments.

Keira has excellent writing skills and has produced a large volume of assessments for us addressing both end user requirements and compliance requirements

Paul Whyte

Managing Director

Keira’s immediate grasp of our workflow helped us achieve our compliance goals in an unprecedented time. She consulted with our people at all levels, capturing and summarising their contributions for our auditor. We were all impressed, and hope to work with her again in the future.

Imad Haider

Snr Manager Training Delivery

Keira upgraded two key training packages, Cert III Train Signaller and Cert IV Train Controller. She lead us towards achieving compliancy with patience and diligence. She listens. Her literacy skills are advanced.

Sue Westraad

Learning and Development Compliancy Lead

Keira designed and built two Recognition packages from ground up, that passed ASQA audit on the first draft. It is the first time we have experienced passing audit on the first draft.

Her course materials used the language of our brand and were visually mapped and engaging.